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Texas A&M University Release Statement


In this section, you must review and respond to the following release statements in order to submit your application. Please review these instructions and the content of the statements carefully. It is your responsibility to read and understand these statements before responding to them. If you have any questions regarding these statements, contact customer service at 617-315-4589 for clarification before making your selections.

Occupational License

Select the checkbox to indicate you understand the eligibility requirements and information about occupational licenses.

HB 4046

Indicate whether you authorize Texas A&M University to release your directory information.

Communication Method

Indicate whether you agree to receive text messages from the Office of Admissions and other university offices.

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirements

Select the checkbox to indicate you understand the requirements and information about bacterial meningitis.

Accept Offer of Admission

Indicate that you understand that if you receive an offer of admission under this or any other graduate application to Texas A&M University, you must access the Howdy Portal to accept the offer of admission for the program under which you wish to matriculate. If you do not accept an offer of admission and confirm your intent to enroll, all offers of admission will be automatically declined at the beginning of the semester of application.

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