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GPA Entries


In this section, provide Grade Point Average (GPA) information for the colleges or universities you entered in the Colleges Attended section. GPAs are typically available on your transcripts or in your student information portal. 

You must complete the Colleges Attended section first before you can add GPAs. Be sure to add any GPAs that are available to you.

Note: When entering GPAs, do not include transfer credits. These credits should be included in the GPA for the institution where you earned them.

Adding a GPA

  1. Click Add GPA.
  2. Click Add A GPA. If you don't have one, click I don't have a GPA to add.
  3. Select the school level.
  4. Enter the total credit hours earned. Total credit hours are the total amount of hours earned for coursework completed on your official transcript.
  5. Enter your GPA (GPA information is usually located at the top or bottom section of your transcript). For studies completed at non-US institutions, ensure you enter your GPA using the grading scale reported on your transcript; don't convert it to a US 4.0 scale.
  6. Quality Points are automatically calculated for you by multiplying your GPA by your total credit hours.
  7. Click Save.
  8. If you attended this school twice (e.g., you completed both undergraduate and graduate coursework at the same college or university), click Add A GPA to add another GPA entry.
  9. Click Save and Exit.

If you update your Transcript Entry information, the GPA Entries page may be marked incomplete. If this happens, edit your GPA and resave your information. To do so:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Click the blue pencil icon.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Save and Exit.
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