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Foreign and French-Canadian Transcripts

This topic pertains to applicants who attended foreign and French-Canadian schools. These instructions do not apply to applicants who attended a foreign school as part of a study abroad program. See Study Abroad and Overseas US Transcripts for more information on reporting your study abroad experience.

Canadian Schools

English-Canadian Transcripts

Canadian schools that provide English transcripts are not considered foreign. We do not accept foreign evaluations from Canadian schools that provide transcripts in English. Transcripts from these schools must be sent to VMCAS even if your program does not accept them. Please see the US and English-Canadian Transcripts section for information on reporting that coursework.

French-Canadian Transcripts

Canadian schools that issue transcripts in French are considered foreign and must be reported like any other foreign school. We cannot accept original Canadian transcripts which are written in French.

Note that a foreign credential evaluation from World Education Service (WES) is required and should be sent directly to VMCAS.

Caribbean Medical Schools

All Caribbean medical schools are considered foreign institutions and are not US accredited, even if they have offices in the US or allow US licensing. This includes Carribean medical schools who participate in the VMCAS application. Do not send transcripts from these schools to VMCAS, as they will be discarded.

Note that a foreign credential evaluation from World Education Service (WES) is required and should be sent directly to VMCAS.

Documenting Foreign Coursework

Do not send foreign transcripts to VMCAS, including those printed in English or translated into English; they will be discarded. 

If you attended a foreign school or earned your degree outside of the United States, VMCAS requires a foreign credential evaluation from World Education Services (WES). Please request a course-by-course US equivalency credential evaluation report with grades. This report should be sent directly from WES to VMCAS. 

Contact WES as early as possible to avoid processing delays. 

Requesting a WES Foreign Credential Evaluation

VMCAS requires applicants to request foreign evaluations from World Education Services (WES), Inc. only. You can request electronic WES ICAP course-by-course evaluations directly through the application.

  1. Click Order after listing your foreign school in the Colleges Attended section and follow the prompts. Make sure to select VMCAS from the drop-down on WES's page.

    WES 5.png

    Once WES completes your evaluation, they will send it to VMCAS electronically. Note that VMCAS does not accept paper WES evaluations sent via mail.
  2. Click I Ordered My Evaluation once you requested an electronic WES evaluation. Or, click I Will Do This Later to return to Colleges Attended.
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