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Document Retention Policy

All application documents from the current cycle and three previous cycles are available online, including high-resolution transcripts and applicant-uploaded documents. We strongly recommend that you download and save these important documents at the end of each cycle so they can be easily accessed by your staff. You can access and download documents via:

  • The Applicant Details page
  • The PDF Manager

Note that older documents (i.e., documents that fall outside of the current and previous three cycles) are archived by Liaison and can be retrieved by special request to a member of your account team.

Download Documents from the Applicant Details Page

To access and download documents from a current or previous cycle:

  1. Log in to WebAdMIT. 
  2. From the Dashboard, use the cycle switcher to navigate to the desired cycle.
  3. Locate the desired applicant, and open the Documents panel.
  4. Click the document name to download it.

    Documents panel.png

Download Documents Using the PDF Manager

Using the PDF Manager tool, you can download documents for up to 1,000 applicants at a time in .zip file format. If the list contains more than 1,000 applicants, you must create multiple exports. The maximum size of the .zip file is 1 GB; if that size is exceeded, multiple .zip files are generated.

Note that the PDF Manager is available starting with the 2016-2017 cycle.

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