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Universal Advisor Portal Dates and Fields by CAS


This page provides details on:

  • When applicant data and/or decisions become available to advisors in the UAP (i.e., UAP Dates by CAS).
  • What applicant data points are available to advisors in the UAP (i.e., UAP Fields Available by CAS).

For information on running Advisor Reports, refer to the Running Advisor Reports help article.

UAP Dates by CAS

Note: Dates are approximate and are subject to change. An entry of N/A indicates the information is not available. Please check each CAS's/profession's website or contact the association directly for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, the application fields available in the UAP vary by CAS. See the UAP Fields Available by CAS section for more information.

    Current Cycle Previous Cycle



CAS launch date

Date applicant data for the current (i.e., live) cycle are available in the UAP

Date admission decisions for the current (i.e., live) cycle are available in the UAP

(N/A = not available)

CAS close date

Date final admission decisions for the previous (i.e., closed) cycle are available in the UAP

(N/A = not available)

AACOMAS Osteopathic Medicine (DO)

Early May

(Note: schools do not receive applications until mid-June.)

Mid-June Mid-January Mid-April Mid-January
AACPMAS Podiatric Medicine (DPM) Early August Early August N/A Late June Mid-October


(Note: applicants may not submit until early June.)

Early June Mid-December Early February Early December
CASAA Anesthesiology Assistant (AA) Mid-March Mid-March N/A Late February Mid-February
CASPA Physician Assistant (PA) Late April Late April Early September Late March Mid-February
CSDCAS Communication Sciences & Disorders Mid-July Mid-July Mid-April Late June N/A
NDCAS Naturopathic Medicine (ND) Early September Early September N/A Late August N/A
NursingCAS Nursing Mid-August Mid-August N/A Late January (17 months after launch) N/A
OptomCAS Optometry (OD) Late June Late June N/A Late May Late September
OTCAS Occupational Therapy (OT) Late July Late July N/A Early June N/A
PharmCAS Pharmacy (PharmD) Mid-July Mid-July N/A Late June Early November
PTCAS Physical Therapy (DPT) Mid-June Mid-June N/A Mid-May Mid-October
SOPHAS Public Health Mid-August Mid-August N/A Early August N/A
VMCAS Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Late January

(Note: applicants cannot submit until mid-May.)

Mid-May N/A Mid-September Late October

UAP Fields Available by CAS

Review the UAP Fields by CAS document to identify which field groupings are available in the Applicant Details page and Export Manager for your CAS.

Note that in:

  • 2020 Release 7, the References field grouping name was renamed to Evaluators.
  • 2021 Release 3, TOEFL MyBest scores are collected, starting with your CAS's next cycle.
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