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Searching for Applicants in the Universal Advisor Portal

You can search for applicants who have both indicated that they have attended your college or university and agreed to release their information to advisors.

Searching for Applicants

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Applicants panel, then click Search.

  2. You can apply one or more filters to refine the list of search results. Only applicants you have permission to view will appear in your results. If filters are hidden, click Show Filters to display them.

  3. Enter your criteria, then click Search. In some drop-downs, you can search by "Any Value" and "None." Note that each CAS determines which data points are available to advisors, so your searchable fields may vary. Using the UAP, each CAS can decide:
    • Whether they choose to share decisions,
    • Whether they choose to share school (organization) names, and
    • At what point in the cycle these items are available, if sharing.

      For example, a CAS may decide to share school names at all times, but only share Decision Codes toward the end of a cycle.

  4. Click Sort Results to sort your results by name, email address, or ID number.

  5. Click on your desired applicant's name to view their Applicant Details page.

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