Customizing the Applicant Header

Best Practices with Managing Your Applicant Pool

If you're just getting started with managing your applicants, we recommend you review the following information.

Depending on your CAS, you may also have access to these additional features:

Video Overview

Adding Header Fields

WebAdMIT allows you to select up to five fields that display in the Applicant Details page header. This allows for quick access to information.


  1. To begin, click Applicant Header in the Management panel of the Menu Bar.

  2. Click Add Field to Header.

  3. From the Select a Field drop-down, select a category and field. Note that only select fields are available to add to the Applicant Header. Items like Custom Fields, Requirements, and Prerequisite GPAs are dependent on what has been configured in WebAdMIT.

  4. Select the associated program(s). You can batch check/uncheck all programs. Additionally, you can select Make this item available for all new programs that are added to WebAdMIT; this will automatically activate any programs added mid-cycle through the Configuration Portal.

    Program Selections App Header.png
  5. Click Submit.

Managing Header Fields

From the Applicant Details Header Manager page, the selected fields can be removed or changed, and new fields can be added.


The header of each Applicant Details page now displays the selected fields.


Uploading an Applicant Photo

From the Applicant Details page, you can upload a photo in .jpg, .gif, .bmp, and .png formats. We recommend a size of 640x480 pixels. Note that photos are optional and are not provided by the CAS.

  1. Click Upload in the Applicant Header section.
  2. Click Browse to find and select the photo on your computer. Note that a list of programs appears in the Applicant Photo window. WebAdMIT automatically selects the programs that the applicant applied to. If necessary, uncheck any programs, then click Upload.