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Managing Interviews

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WebAdMIT allows you to create and assign Interviews for reviewers. Interviews appear on a user's dashboard until completed.

Creating Interview Types

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Management panel, then click Interviewing.

  2. Click New Interview Type.

  3. Enter a name, select the associated programs, and add schedule information.

    When adding schedule information, use the add icon to add dates and times. Additionally, if applicable, select a Maximum Seat number. This prevents you from over-assigning this date/time.

  4. Similar to creating Assignments, indicate if you want to use locations, questions, overall scores, overall comments, and overall remarks. Then, enter instructions and click Submit.

  5. Once Interviews have been configured, they can be disseminated individually from the Interviews panel on an applicant’s page, or in batch via Lists, Searches, or the Clipboard.

Assigning Interviews

Interviews are created by a WebAdMIT Administrator, but anyone with the Manage Assignments and Interviews permission in their Work Group can assign an applicant to a Interviewer.

  1. To assign an interview to an applicant individually, go to the Interviews panel on the desired Applicant Details page, and click New Interview.

  2. Select the Interview type and date/time.

    Assign an Interviewer and location and click Submit. To select multiple interviewers, press and hold down the control key (Command on Mac) while selecting the applicable Interviewers.
  3. Interviews can also be assigned in batch. List Actions, Search Actions, and Clipboard Actions each contain a Interview Checked Applicants option.

    Selecting this brings up the Interview Assignment window, where you can select the desired options.

Submitting Interview Results

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Completing the Interview

Once an Interview has been assigned to a user, the user will have an Interviews panel on their dashboard. Clicking on the applicant's name takes you the Applicant Details Page.

  1. Navigate to the Interviews panel and click Submit Results.

  2. Where applicable, enter scores, comments, overall comments and overall remarks, then click Complete Interview to submit your responses. The overall score is calculated by summing or averaging the individual question scores, or it can be entered independently by the interviewer (depending on question configuration).


Updating Completed Interviews

Users with the View Other User's Assignment/Interview Results permission enabled in their Work Group can view the results of other user's completed Interviews. Users with the Manage Assignments and Interviews permission have the ability to edit completed Interviews.

  1. To update a completed Interview, navigate to the Interview and click the Date link.

  2. Edit the Interview, then click Update Results.

Working with Interviewer Availability

WebAdMIT allows you to configure which time slots are available for each user to conduct interviews.

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Management panel, then click Admissions Users.

  2. Click the calendar icon for the applicable user. Note that this icon only appears if Interviews were created/enabled.

  3. Click the pencil icon for the applicable Interview type.

  4. Select the days and times the user is available to conduct Interviews, then click Submit.

The user becomes grayed out for any dates/times that are unchecked here.

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