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Background Checks

This page applies to: WebAdMIT

Background Checks in WebAdMIT

Some application services allow the retrieval of background checks through WebAdMIT.  Where available, the results are sourced through CastleBranch, Inc. or Certiphi Screening, Inc. These are third party vendors, so they may be contacted directly for the most detailed assistance.

Certiphi Background Checks

PharmCAS facilitates a background check service through Certiphi Screening, Inc. Certiphi procures a national background report on applicants at the point of acceptance to provide criminal history reports. Degree programs who choose to participate will be contacted by Certiphi to choose their background information filters and the timing of the requests to applicants.

Upon initial, conditional acceptance by a participating pharmacy degree program, Certiphi will send an email to the preferred email address the applicant entered in the PharmCAS application. This email provides the applicant with access to a secure, online form via which they will provide basic identifying information and consent for this report to be procured. Their consent will serve for all pharmacy degree programs, and they will not be asked to provide consent upon receiving additional, conditional acceptance offers by participating pharmacy degree programs.

Once the report is complete, Certiphi Screening, Inc. will send an email to the applicant’s preferred email address requesting that the applicant review the report prior to its distribution. The applicant will be provided with an opportunity to contest the accuracy of the contents of the report within the specified ten calendar day period. If the applicant does not review this report, the report will be distributed after this period elapses.

CastleBranch Background Checks

WebAdMIT for NursingCAS and WebAdMIT for CASPA offer background check services through CastleBranch, Inc.

To request a background check:

1. Go to the desired applicant's Applicant Details Page and open the Personal Information panel, then the Background Check subpanel.

2. Click Send eVite, then confirm by clicking OK on the following window.

3. The applicant will receive an email invitation to initiate the background check process.

4. Once the applicant has accepted the eVite, and the results are gathered, WebAdMIT provides a link to CastleBranch to view the results. Click View Results to be redirected to CastleBranch.






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