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Uploading Documents

Best Practices in Setting Up a Review Process

If you're just getting started with building a review process in WebAdMIT, we recommend that, where applicable, you complete the following steps in the order listed:

  1. Build a checklist of supplemental requirements for each applicant.
  2. Track applicants during each stage of your admissions process.
  3. Store information in Custom Fields that your program needs but is not collected from the applicant in the CAS application.
  4. Upload documents directly to an application in WebAdMIT, whether it's a document the applicant sends you or one that you want to attach to their file.
  5. Create tasks for reviewers through Assignments, where the reviewer can add their comments and scores.
  6. Create and assign Interviews for reviewers, including tracking the date and location of the interview.
  7. Score applicants based on institutional rating policies.
  8. Depending on your CAS, you may also have access to retrieving background checks.

Additionally, explore these resources for best practices when building a review process:


You can retrieve applicant documents, such as the full application PDF, transcripts, and any CAS-level and program-level applicant-uploaded documents, under the Documents panel on the Applicant Details Page. You can also upload a document in WebAdMIT; for example, you may have a review form or the applicant sent you an additional document directly.

Upload a Document

Users with Manage Uploaded Documents permissions in their Work Group may upload additional documents for internal use. To attach a document, go to the Admissions Uploaded Documents subpanel, enter a description (name), click Choose File to find and select the document on your computer, then click Upload File.

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