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WebAdMIT Recorded Webinars

Liaison Academy offers various training webinars, including standard monthly webinars, special topic webinars, and best practices webinars. Register for a webinar in your personalized Liaison Academy Portal.

As you review the list of selected recorded webinars below, use the Chapters Menu on each video to view the webinar sections. Click a chapter to jump to a specific section of the video:

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WebAdMIT Training Webinars



6 WebAdMIT To-Do’s for a Successful Cycle Wrap-up

This webinar reviews WebAdMIT features that can help streamline both the cycle closure process and the preparation of a new cycle.

Decrease Effort, Increase Outreach: Using Emails in WebAdMIT

This webinar covers all aspects of emailing applicants in WebAdMIT, including best practices for managing email templates and reviewing applicant receipt. Example applicant outreach emails are also included.

Note: as of 2018 Sprints 25 & 26, you can now add attachments to emails.

Expert-Level Reviewing: A Deep Dive into WebAdMIT’s Scoring Features

This webinar explores some of WebAdMIT’s more powerful scoring features that can help you process your applicant files more efficiently.

Since this webinar is for advanced users, participants should be able to build Assignment and Interview templates before attending.

In Progress Applicants - How to Use Program Plans for Forecasting

This webinar covers all aspects of In Progress applicants, including best practices for using the new Program Plans functionality.

Integrate GPAs into Your Application Review

This webinar covers WebAdMIT’s assortment of GPA options, both standard and customizable. By the end of the webinar, you’ll be able to describe the GPAs that are available to you and determine which will work best for you in your applicant review process.

Manage Your Applicant Pool More Efficiently: 4 WebAdMIT Features You Should Be Using

This webinar covers four features in WebAdMIT that can help you effectively manage your applicants:

  • Organizing applicants with Local Statuses
  • Using List Manager to run advanced queries
  • Managing applicant progress with Requirements
  • Recording applicant data in Custom Fields

WebAdMIT Best Practices Webinars



Behind the Scenes Services for Application Processing

The Applicant Portal is the primary platform used by applicants in the admissions process. But did you know Liaison provides a number of additional services to help both you and your applicants? 

During this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of those services, including: 

  • Reapplication workflow
  • Transcript collection
  • Verification
  • Professional Transcript Entry (PTE)
  • Customer service

Building Efficiency: Translating Your Review Process into WebAdMIT

Creating an efficient application review process in WebAdMIT is easy if you use the right tools and combine functionality. This webinar will show you how to use Local Statuses to organize your review process in WebAdMIT. Learn how to create a workflow with List Manager and Local Statuses and use Local Statuses in conjunction with Decisions Codes and Email Templates for maximum efficiency.

The featured presenter is Tre Grue of Temple University College of Public Health.

Developing, Implementing, and Optimizing Your CAS on Campus

Whether you are implementing a new CAS or optimizing CAS as a seasoned user, this webinar discusses the successes and failures with CAS and WebAdMIT at Bellarmine University. The webinar also includes discussion related to CRM integration with WebAdMIT. Ultimately, you'll learn how to strategically navigate the process of building a CAS culture so that your recruitment plan can benefit from its numerous capabilities and services.

This webinar is presented by Dr. Beth Ennis and Dr. Jordan Wiehebrink of Bellarmine University.

Holistic Review: A Practical Way to Diversify Your Class

This webinar is an opportunity to learn about the foundational principles of holistic review. In addition, learn about how to start using the tools in WebAdMIT to make it an efficient and effective process that can have a lasting impact on the legacy of your profession.

This webinar is presented by Dr. Kerry Mandulak of Pacific University, Megan Woods of CAPCSD, and Dr. Jennifer Taylor of University of Memphis.

How to make the most out of reviewing coursework entry: a look into WebAdMIT’s GPAs

In this webinar, you’ll walk through the answers to these questions and take away an understanding of which GPA works best for you. Learn how you can use these GPAs to aid your review process.

Note that this webinar is geared toward CASs that use verification.

Featured Presenter:

Kristin Chalberg, Director of Admission and Enrollment
St. Catherine University

Identifying Candidates in WebAdMIT: Using the Scoring Feature to Segment Your Applicant Pool

This webinar presents a use case of WebAdMIT's Scoring feature as it relates to a holistic admissions review process presented by Dr. Emil Chuck, Director of Admissions & Recruitment, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science.

Lists & Custom Fields Can Solve All Your Problems

Experiencing information overload? Lists and Custom Fields can help you organize all that data. Learn how to use Lists and Custom Fields in a variety of capacities. Use those functions to set up a workflow, send faculty reviewers the right information, and efficiently move through your review process.  This webinar will also include recommendations for additional operations related to CRM integration.

This webinar is presented by Kristin McAuliffe of Boston University.

Report Manager Explained: Understanding Report Types in WebAdMIT

During the webinar, you’ll learn how to create and manage reports including:

  • Building Report Templates
  • Running Reports
  • Viewing Recent Files
  • Editing, Copying, and Deleting Reports

WebAdMIT Power (Half) Hour Webinars 



Using Manual Designations

This webinar focuses on how to add and work with Manual Designations in WebAdMIT.

Setting up User Emails

This webinar covers resetting passwords, safe-listing directions to applicants, adding user emails, and Assignment notifications. 

What are Release Notes?

This webinar discusses what are product releases, how to access the Release Notes, and how to propose new enhancements.

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