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6 WebAdMIT To-Do’s for a Successful Cycle Wrap-up

This webinar reviews WebAdMIT features that can help streamline both the cycle closure process and the preparation of a new cycle.  

  • Introduction: 0:00
  • Tying local statuses to final decision codes: 5:35
  • Running exports and reports for end-of-cycle data: 12:04
  • Downloading PDFs in bulk: 40:57
  • Deactivating templates that will not be used in the new cycle: 47:24
  • Using the transfer settings feature: 49:32
  • Adding the new cycle to user accounts: 53:47

Decrease Effort, Increase Outreach: Using Emails in WebAdMIT

This webinar covers all aspects of emailing applicants in WebAdMIT, including best practices for managing email templates and reviewing applicant receipt. Example applicant outreach emails are also included.

  • Introduction: 0:00
  • Creating email templates: 7:08
  • Sending emails to applicants individually and in bulk: 21:28
  • Using emails in conjunction with other WebAdMIT features: 30:30
  • Managing emails addresses and email receipt: 42:09

In Progress Applicants - How to Use Program Plans for Forecasting

This webinar covers all aspects of In Progress applicants, including best practices for using the new Program Plans functionality

  • Introduction: 0:00
  • Application Statuses: 1:40
  • What are in-progress applicants: 2:23
  • What are program plans: 4:00
  • Example applicant process: 9:38
  • Increase outreach to increase submissions: 13:10
  • Question Session: 17:30

Manage Your Applicant Pool More Efficiently: 4 WebAdMIT Features You Should Be Using


This webinar covers four features in WebAdMIT that can help you effectively manage your applicants:

  • Organizing applicants with Local Statuses
  • Using List Manager to run advanced queries
  • Managing applicant progress with Requirements
  • Recording applicant data in Custom Fields 
  • Local Statuses: 5:50
  • List Manager: 19:12
  • Requirements: 37:32
  • Custom Fields: 53:47


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