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Working with the PDF Manager

Working with the PDF Manager

The PDF Manager tool allows users to download full applications, scanned transcripts, foreign evaluations, letters of reference, and applicant uploaded documents in bulk, making it simpler for participating programs to work with them outside of WebAdMIT. You can download up to 1,000 applicants at a time in .zip file format.

Creating a PDF Template

You must create a PDF template before you can generate and download a .zip file of PDF documents.

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Reports & Exports panel, then click PDF Manager.

  2. Click New PDF File.

  3. On the PDF Settings screen, select the list you want to use from the Create from List drop‐down. Then, name the file and select the Document Type. Only one document type can be downloaded in each .zip file.
    • Note: Work Groups that are not granted access to the Documents panel will not be able to download from the PDF Manager any of the documents that are displayed on this panel. Similarly, if a user does not have access to the Evaluations panel, they will not be able to download from the PDF Manager any of the Evaluation PDFs.

  4. The attributes used in each PDF file name display in the File Name Pattern field and are customizable. For more field options, click the pencil button.
  5. Set who else can see this template using the these settings can be seen by... drop-down.
  6. Next, determine the contents of the PDF files by selecting which sections to include under Available Panels and Sub-Panels.

    pdf-manager-panel-select 1.jpg
    • Note that the panels and subpanels available to select from here are dependent upon the permissions of the logged-in user. Panels not enabled for a user to view (based on their Work Group) will not be available for them to select when configuring the PDF settings template.
  7. Once complete, click Save PDF Settings.

Generating and Downloading PDF Zip Files

  1. Available PDF templates appear in the PDF Manager. To generate the .zip file of PDF documents, click the template name in the PDF Template column.

    • Depending on document size, number of applicants, and other factors, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for WebAdMIT to create the .zip file. You can monitor its progress and any errors in the Status column on the Recent Files page. Once generated, the .zip file is stored for 7 days.
  2. Download the .zip file by clicking the file name in the Download column.


Document Naming

Each document in the downloaded .zip file has a default file name. The variables used for each name are listed below. The name can be customized as needed.

College Transcripts

Default format: <CAS ID>_<FirstName>_<LastName>_Transcript_<Liaison college code>_<College Name>.pdf
Example: 123456789_Jane_Smith_Transcript_2345_Watertown University.pdf

Foreign Evaluations

Default format:  <CAS ID>_<FirstName>_<LastName>_Foreign Evaluation_<Evaluation Agency>.pdf
Example: 123456789_Jane Smith_Foreign Evaluation_Education Credential Evaluators.pdf

Full Application

Default format: <CAS ID>_<FirstName>_<LastName>_Full Application_<CAS Side Program ID>_<Program Name>.pdf
Example: 123456789_Jane Smith_Full Application_3579_Epidemiology.pdf

Electronically Submitted Evaluation

Default format: <CAS ID>_<FirstName>_<LastName>_Letter of Reference_<Evaluator Name>.pdf
Example: 123456789_Jane Smith_Letter of Reference_Hank McCoy.pdf

Applicant Uploaded Documents

Default format: <CAS ID>_<FirstName>_<LastName>_Applicant Uploaded Document_<Source>.pdf
Example: 123456789_Jane Smith_Applicant Uploaded Document_Personal Statement.pdf

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