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Working with Marketing Email Templates

Admissions offers two types of Email Templates to use in communication with applicants and other contacts.

  • System Email Templates are designed to send transactional emails that alert the recipients of relevant information. These basic, notification-style messages are typically used to send out quick updates.
  • Marketing Email Templates (described below) allow you to design richer emails that can be linked to your Campaigns. You can manage these emails and track your recipients' engagement.

Creating Marketing Email Templates

To create an Email Template:

  1. From the Marketing view, click Email Templates from the panel on the left.
  2. On this page, you can view and manage your existing Email Templates. To create a new template, click Create Email Template.
  3. Select what type of Email Template you'd like to design.
  4. Begin configuring your template by setting its name and Subject.
  5. Click Customize Email Headers to configure your From Address, From Name, Reply-To Address, and Reply-To Name.
  6. Configure the content of your Email Template.
    1. Display the template in web view.
    2. Display the template in tablet view.
    3. Display the template in smartphone view.
    4. Configure your header image. Double click to open a window allowing you to browse for an image or drag-and-drop it.
    5. Preview your template.
    6. Open full-screen mode to work with more editing options.
    7. Configure the template using JavaScript.
    8. Undo your previous action.
    9. Redo your undone action.
    10. Clean the image to restart with a blank slate.
    11. Configure the body of your message.
Editing in Full-Screen Mode

In full-screen mode, you can add new sections to your email template by dragging them from the Content Menu on the right and placing them in the email layout area.



  1. Style Manager: Select one of your existing email template components and click this icon to view the style options associated with this component.
  2. Trait Manager: Click this icon to work with your selected component's settings.
  3. Line View Editor: Click this icon to see your components listed line-by-line.
  4. Content Menu: Click this icon to view the list of available elements to drag into your email template.

Once your template is configured, click Save Changes at the top right.

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