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Working as an Administrator in Liaison Outcomes

Working as an Administrator in Liaison Outcomes
As an administrator of Liaison Outcomes, you'll have many tools at your disposal. In this section,  you'll learn how to use the Settings menu to configure relevant items.


  • Customizing Application Summary and Sidebar
    Learn how to customize your Application View by adjusting what appears in the Summary and Sidebar areas.
  • Managing Contacts
    Learn how to add Contact Types and modify the data points they include. This helps manage your interactions with recruits, applicants, students, and others.
  • Managing Custom Properties
    Learn to create Custom Properties to capture additional information about your applicants.
  • Managing Decisions and Decision Letters
    Learn how to use Decisions indicate and track the decisions you've made on each application.
  • Managing Email Features
    Learn to configure your settings to send emails from the software.
  • Managing Phases
    Phases are different periods during the application cycle that you establish. Learn how to create Phases to organize applicants, corresponding with their current status with your institution.
  • Managing Programs
    Learn how to create and configure programs for applicants to apply to.
  • Managing Reviews
    Learn how to use the application review features in Liaison Outcomes.
  • Managing Roles
    Since different people at your institution may have different tasks they need to accomplish, you can create Roles that correspond to different types of users, giving everyone only the access they need.
  • Managing Tasks
    Learn how to use the Tasks feature to manage the actions that you need to complete in the software.
  • Managing Users
    Learn how to add new software users to your instance of Liaison Outcomes.
  • Managing Workspaces
    Learn how to add new software users to your instance of Liaison Outcomes.
  • Scoring Applications
    Learn about the options you'll have to apply scores to applications in the software.
  • Working with the Function Library
    Learn how to pre-configure JavaScript expressions for use as Functions in Custom Properties or other areas of Liaison Outcomes.


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