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Navigating Tasks

Working with the Tasks Page

In Outcomes, you can create, organize, assign and track tasks related to your processes.


  1. Use the Tasks Filter to isolate tasks that are assigned to you, open, or complete.
  2. Use the Search Button to search for Tasks by their description.
  3. Click the Filter Button to filter your Tasks based on other things like Assignee, Date Assigned, or Tags.
  4. Click Create Task to create a new Task.
  5. Use the deadline filters to isolate Tasks that are Overdue, Due Today, or Due Soon.
  6. Use the Tasks Grid to sort Tasks by their due date. Tasks with a red due date are overdue, while those with a green due date are marked as complete. You can also use the checkboxes to select Tasks to complete batch actions.

Performing Actions on Tasks

From the Tasks Grid, use the checkboxes to open the Actions Menu.


From here, you can perform any of the following actions for individual or multiple Tasks:

  • Delete: use this to permanently delete the selected Tasks.
  • Mark Complete: use this to set the status of the selected Tasks to Complete.
  • Mark Open: use this to set the status of the selected Tasks to Open.
  • Assign: use this to assign the Tasks to the user of your choice.
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