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Navigating the Dashboard

Navigating the Dashboard

The Dashboard in Outcomes is the landing page where you arrive after logging in. Dashboards are created as Reports, after which administrators can assign them to other users to serve as their landing page.

A Sample Dashboard

Dashboards provide you with charts that allow you to:

  • view key information in an easily digestible manner.
  • determine your progress on current projects and identify what needs to be done.
  • easily navigate to the appropriate section to continue working.

There are several components that make up the Dashboard:

A Dashboard legend

  1. Navigation Menu: use this menu to switch between the different sections available in Outcomes. Click << to collapse the menu for a larger workspace.
  2. Dashboard: the charts added in this section are configurable and are dependent on your Dashboard settings. Click on any chart to interact with it. With appropriate permissions, you can add, remove, and configure charts as desired.
  3. Edit Dashboard: where allowed by an administrator, you can use this button to personalize your Dashboard. After editing your Dashboard, if an administrator updates the report that serves as your Dashboard, the changes won't be applied until you click this button and then click Revert.
  4. Activity Menu: from this area, you can access your email history, your available downloads, and your profile settings.
  5. Settings Menu: use this menu to review and adjust your Outcomes Settings.
  6. Help Menu: use this menu to access the Outcomes Help Center.
  7. My Account: use this menu to access your account settings, switch the organization you're viewing, or sign out of Outcomes.
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