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Release 3 – April 3, 2022

New Features and Enhancements

No software enhancements were released this month. Check back next month for Release 4!

New Documentation

Please review the list of new reference guides, all accessible in the Admissions by Liaison Help Center.



Managing Roles The Managing Roles article has been updated with new roles, definitions, and links to corresponding features for each role.
Creating Translation Tables We have added a section to the Application Exports article that explains how to create translation tables. Translation tables allow you to convert data from one form to another, which may be useful when importing into other systems, or when building applicant scores.

Exporting Race and Ethnicity Data as One Column per Race/Ethnicity

We are building an Advanced Configuration Library for Admissions by Liaison. This library provides guidance to help you build custom configurations in the software. As it is built out, you'll find more options that you can implement to enhance the way Admissions data is presented, exported, or filtered.

This configuration provides three alternative formats for exporting race and ethnicity data, as opposed to the default string format.

Remove Commas from Export Fields When importing data into another system, you may need to remove commas from text fields to make the file compatible. This configuration below allows you to strip these commas.
Enforce Character Limit on Export Fields When extracting data from Admissions by Liaison, you may need to truncate a field, setting a specific character limit. Using this configuration, you can strip the additional characters, allowing these fields to meet your qualifications.
Remove Extra Characters from Phone Numbers When extracting data from Admissions by Liaison, you may need to strip extra characters from a string of numbers. This configuration allows you to strip additional characters from a phone number, leaving just the numeric characters:
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