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Release 3 – April 2, 2023

New Features and Enhancements

CAS Application Enhancements

    Annual Spring 2023 Lookup Updates

This enhancement is automatically available for use by all CASs and participating programs. No action is required on the part of any association, school, or program. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Disclaimer: on rare occasions, a new feature or enhancement may be moved to a future release or otherwise subject to change.

Many fields in the Applicant Portal contain predefined answer values that applicants can select; for example, the Country and County fields both have predefined answer values. These values are housed in shared "lookup tables." Periodically, we update these tables to include additional response options.

The new lookup values will be released in two phases: the first phase was released in Release 2 and the second phase is released in Release 3. The second phase of the new lookup table values are now available in the Applicant Portal.

These lookup table updates impact the following portals, some of which you may use. If you created a "crosswalk" from our portals to your local data in your SIS/CRM, you may need to update this crosswalk for the newly added options. For guidance on optimal implementation of the new values, review the Shared Lookup Table Updates for Spring 2023 page.

New Documentation

Please review the list of new reference guides, all accessible in the Admissions by Liaison Help Center.



Creating Filters for Data in Tables

Our Advanced Configuration Library provides guidance to help you build custom configurations in Admissions by Liaison.

In our latest article, Creating Filters for Data in Tables, you'll learn how to filter applications using data points that are not exposed in the software's standard filters. This is particularly important for data points stored in a Named Row table you've created on a form.

New Admissions by Liaison Videos The Admissions by Liaison documentation is now being supplemented with videos. New videos are available on several topics, including Customizing the Application Summary and Sidebar, Reports and Goals, Emails, Segments, Phases, and others.
Working with Your Implementation Plan If you're just getting started working with Admissions by Liaison, let our Working with Your Implementation Plan documentation be your guide to learning all about the key features of the software.
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