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Managing Email Features

Configuring Email Templates

The quickest way to send common correspondence to applicants in Outcomes is by creating Email Templates. To configure email templates:

  1. Go to the System section of the Settings menu and click Email Templates.
  2. From here you can review your existing Email Templates. System Default emails are pre-designed messages sent from Outcomes, like password reset notifications. Design Layout emails are customized for your program. Click the plus sign at the top right to create a new template.

    Creating an email template
  3. Click Customize Email Headers to make adjustments to your default email settings when this template is sent. This is important to update so that recipients see your appropriate sender information when your emails arrive. To return to the default headers established in the Email Settings area, click Revert to Default Headers.
    • Note that the From Address you place here must be an email address that includes the Sending Domain listed in your Marketing Email Settings. For example, if your Sending Domain is, the email address you use here must end with
  4. Enter a name to associate with this email template internally, and enter a Template Key. Like other keys in the software, the template key allows you to create a unique identifier to pair with the template.
  5. Enter a subject line in the Subject field.
  6. Use the Text Content field to add an internal description for your email.
  7. To create an email using HTML code, select Embed Content using Organization Master Template. To build an email using a text editor, select Design Email Mode.

    Selecting the email type
  8. For an HTML email, paste your code into the HTML Content field. If you're using Design Email Mode, add the text of your message into the text editor.

    Example email template
  9. When including images via HTML in your emails, make sure the file names of the images include only numbers, letters, underscores, or dashes. Other special characters or spaces may prevent images from displaying properly.
  10. Note that attachments cannot be added to your Email Templates. Where available,  the Marketing module allows you to build tracks that can include email attachments.
  11. To see how the email will appear to your recipients, click Preview Email and select someone to use as a sample recipient.
  12. When you’re finished configuring the email template, click Save Changes.
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