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Create a New PhORCAS Account

Account Basics

When creating an account, consider the following:

  • Create only one account to avoid processing delays and difficulties. Duplicate accounts and any documents associated with those accounts are deleted.
  • For your own security, do not share your password or account information with anyone.
  • Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Use an email address that you check frequently to avoid missing important updates.

New Account Instructions

To create an account:

  1. From the application home page, click Create Account.
  2. Complete the required fields, agree to the terms and conditions, then click Create Account.*
  3. Select the residency program type you are applying for. Refer to the Program Year Information section for more information.
  4. Enter information about the accredited pharmacy school previously attended and your most advanced pharmacy degree.
  5. If you are applying to a PGY2 program, enter your pharmacy license information and PGY1 residency program information.
  6. Click Save & Continue.
  7. Use the filters on the left to find and select the programs you want to apply to. Note that you can go back and change these selections at any point before you submit your application. Or click Skip for Now to continue to view your dashboard.

*You must enter your first and last name. If you only have one name, enter it in the applicable name field (i.e., first name or last name), then:

  • Enter FNU if your first name is unknown.
  • Enter LNU if your last name is unknown.

Once your account is created, you receive a CAS ID number. This appears in the Applicant Menu in the bottom left of the application. If you need to contact customer service, provide this number to them so they can quickly find your application.

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