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Submitting and Completing Your PhORCAS Application

Before Submitting

Before you submit your application, be aware of the following:

  • You can make limited changes after you submit your application. You can add new personal statements/letters of intent, CVs/resumes, and supplemental documentation (where applicable), but you cannot edit existing entries. You can also update references with "new" or "incomplete" statuses. All other sections are read-only.
  • You can submit your application before your transcripts and references are received. Please note, however, that we will not review your application until all of your transcripts, payments, and references are received. See Completing Your PhORCAS Application for all requirements.
  • Do not wait until the last minute. You can submit your application up until 11:59 PM ET on the deadline date; however, ensure you allow for time to complete the required payment section. You must click Submit and complete the final payment information before the deadline in order to guarantee your submission is accepted. Additionally, be aware that during our busiest times you may experience page loading delays, and these may occur outside of customer service's hours of operation. We cannot grant deadline extensions if you miss your deadline; contact your programs directly for more information.

Completing Your PhORCAS Application

In general, an application is complete when:

  • All pharmacy transcripts (domestic and foreign) are received
  • At least 3 of your references have been completed and submitted to PhORCAS.
  • Your application fee payment was submitted and marked as received.
  • You submitted your application and received an email confirming it was successfully submitted.
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