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PharmCAS Participating Programs and Deadlines


Many accredited Pharm.D. programs participate in each PharmCAS cycle. These programs are accredited by ACPE. You must use the PharmCAS application to apply to these programs. The Pharm.D. programs that do not participate in PharmCAS handle their application processes separately.

Program Eligibility

If you have questions about your eligibility to apply to a program, contact the program directly.

Program Deadline Requirements

Deadlines are determined by each participating program, not PharmCAS. To view a program's deadline date, click Add Program and review the information under Deadline. You can submit your application up until 11:59 PM HT on the deadline date.

In addition to determining deadlines, each participating program sets requirements for their deadlines. Programs may have additional requirements, including receipt of test scores, supplemental applications, etc. If you have questions about a program's requirements, contact the program directly.

Priority (Preferred) Deadlines

Some pharmacy schools may set priority deadlines to encourage applicants to apply earlier in the admissions cycle. Priority deadlines are non-binding. You can apply to one or more schools with a priority deadline or apply to a school after its priority deadline has passed (as long as the program's final deadline has not passed). Visit the PharmCAS School Directory to determine whether the school has any requirements or incentives for applicants who apply by the priority deadline.

PharmCAS will not determine whether you meet a school’s priority deadline requirements, nor distinguish between regular and priority applications in processing. If you miss a priority deadline and wish to still be considered for any school-specific incentives associated with a priority deadline, contact the school directly.

Deadline Extensions

PharmCAS does not accept deadline extension requests from applicants. Contact the program directly to request a deadline extension. If the program grants the extension, they will notify PharmCAS directly. You will generally have 48 hours to complete and submit your application once the deadline extension is granted. If you fail to submit your application during this time, you must contact the program directly to request a second 48-hour deadline extension.

Programs are not obligated to grant deadline extensions or give consideration to applicants who submit application materials after their deadline.

Supplemental Application Deadlines

In addition to the PharmCAS application, certain programs may require you to submit a supplemental application and fee directly to the program. Review the Pharm.D. School Directory or contact the program directly to obtain supplemental instructions and applications.

Participating Programs

Visit the site to see which programs participate in the 2023-2024 application cycle and their corresponding deadlines.

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