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ResidencyCAS Applicant Quick Start Guide

Welcome to ResidencyCAS!

The Residency Centralized Application Service (ResidencyCAS) streamlines the application process for programs. Simply submit one application with all necessary materials through ResidencyCAS. Your application and materials are then transmitted to all programs you choose to apply to.

In the ResidencyCAS application process, you're required to input key information and complete several important tasks. This quick start guide provides a set of useful resources you can use to complete the process. 

Accessing the Application

To create an account and start your application, you'll need to obtain an individual access link from your degree-granted medical school. 

  • US fourth-year students and graduates (MS or DO): contact your medical school of graduation.
  • Canadian medical graduates: contact CaRMS.
  • International medical graduates (IMGs): contact ECFMG.

Once you have your access link and create your account, you may want to bookmark the application URL:

Overview Video

Important Dates and Deadlines

Review the important application cycle dates below.

Key Milestones


The ResidencyCAS application cycle opens June 5, 2024
When you can begin requesting USMLE and COMLEX-USA scores August 26, 2024
When you can submit your ResidencyCAS application September 4, 2024
Application deadline September 25, 2024 (you can submit up until 11:59 PM ET)
When programs can view your application October 1, 2024
Interview offers released October 29, 2024
Interviews begin November 1, 2024
NMRP Match Day March 2025
SOAP opens Late March 2025

Key Resources

RRR: Program Resources

The following resources are available from the Right Resident, Right Program, Ready Day One (RRR) program: 

PDF Worksheet

To help you organize the information you'll enter in the application, you can download a fillable PDF: ResidencyCAS Applicant Worksheet


The following checklist is designed to help ensure that you successfully fulfill all necessary application steps. 

Before Applying

Research each program of interest to ensure you understand and meet all program eligibility requirements and deadlines, including citizenship and visa requirements. 

Use your individual access link to create your ResidencyCAS account.

  • US fourth-year students and graduates (MS or DO): contact your medical school of graduation.
  • Canadian medical graduates: contact CaRMS.
  • International medical graduates (IMGs): contact ECFMG.

 Register with the appropriate match service. Completing your ResidencyCAS application does not register you for any match service.

  • Note: registering with a match service is not a prerequisite for either applying or submitting your ResidencyCAS application.
Applying to ResidencyCAS
Completion Requirements

The following items and documents must be received along with your submitted ResidencyCAS application for it to be considered complete:

 Official medical school transcripts.

 Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE).

USMLE and/or COMLEX transcript.

 ECFMG Status Report (IMGs only).

At least three letters of recommendation – one Standard Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) is highly recommended. Check with your programs for specific requirements. 

Note the following:

  • Your letters of recommendation and SLOE must be manually assigned to your chosen programs in ResidencyCAS. These are the only components of your application that require manual assignment. All other requirements are automatically assigned to your selected programs.
  • A personal statement and headshot are required components of the application and must be fulfilled in order to submit your application. 
  • Once you submit your application and meet all the requirements, your application status will be updated to "Complete."
Application Signals

You can identify your interest level in programs using signals. You can identify up to 3 programs as high interest using the gold signal and up to 15 programs as preferred interest using the silver signal.

 Determine how you want to allocate up to 3 gold signals. 

 Determine how you want to allocate up to 15 silver signals.

Submitting Your Application

 Submit your application by September 25. Your programs receive your application on October 1.

After Submitting Your ResidencyCAS Application

You'll receive a confirmation email acknowledging that your application was submitted. Note that submitting does not mean your application is being reviewed by your programs. Your application status transitions from "In-Progress" to either "Received" or "Complete" upon submission, depending on the materials already received.

 Monitor your documents and application status

Regularly check your email, voicemail, and postal mail for any communications from programs that might be sent outside of ResidencyCAS.

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