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TargetX Releases


At TargetX, we're rolling out new recruitment and student success tools faster than ever. We're introducing monthly releases to get these features and enhancements into your hands more quickly. Monthly releases allow us to be more agile and responsive to your needs! 

The product release cycle includes monthly releases that typically occur on the first Tuesday of the month.

  • We use monthly naming conventions, such as August '22, September '22, etc.
  • It includes new features, enhancements, and defect corrections introduced that month.

Version Numbering

Version numbering is formatted to identify Monthly releases and subsequent updates quickly:

Format: yymm.bbbb

  • yy = two-digit year in which the product is released;
  • mm = two-digit month in which the product is released (01 - January; 02 - February, etc.)
  • bbbb = four digit build #, removing any trailing 0's

Release Guides

Release Guides are composed of two core components:

  1. Release Notes: details regarding new features and resolved defects available as part of the release.
  2. TargetX Upgrades: step-by-step instructions for upgrading your CRM to the latest versions. 


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