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Creating your UChat Profile

The Byline is most commonly used for staff to display their role at the institution. In the example to the left, you will see that this user is an Admissions Counselor.

The Photo used for UChat is typically a headshot of the user, as this is what students will see when accessing the widget on your website. In order to successfully upload, the image must be square and at least 300px by 300px in size.

The Personal Bio allows UChat team members to provide a brief overview to students about what they do, how they can help, or what they love about your school. This allows students and parents to get a better idea of who would be able to best answer their question and get to know you more! Some example bio items are below:

  • What I do at [Institution]:
  • Why I love working at [Institution]:
  • What have I learned from [Institution]?
  • My advice to anyone applying:
  • My favorite spot on campus:
  • What I wish I had known before starting college:
  • Why should you apply to [Institution]:

Best Practices for UChat Profiles

  1. Keep your profile fun! This gives students the ability to get to know you better and will help to make them more comfortable with asking questions.
  2. Make it clear where your expertise lies. For example, if you work with Financial Aid, you want to convey that to the user when they look at your profile. This way, if a student has questions about FAFSA, Scholarships, or Tuition, they will know that you will be the best resource.



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