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VMCAS Glossary


application cycle: period of time during which the application for a particular entering class is active. The VMCAS 2024-2025 application cycle opens on January 23, 2024 and closes on September 16, 2024.

application status: indicator of how far along you are in the application process. You can check your status on the Check Status page.


committee letter: single recommendation letter signed by multiple recommenders. Check with individual programs about how/whether these are considered.

Complete: application status that indicates VMCAS received all required materials to begin the verification process. It takes two weeks on average from the time your application is marked as "Complete" to be verified. This status does not guarantee that you met the requirements of all your Colleges/Schools of Veterinary Medicine. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet all program requirements.

composite letter: multiple recommendation letters individually written, signed, and grouped together. These should be submitted electronically by each individual recommender.

coursework: courses entered in the Transcript Entry section of the application.

credit hour: number of hours per week spent in the classroom for a course, typically 3 or 4. This number should typically be reported on your application exactly as it appears on your official transcripts. If your official transcripts list 0.5 or 1 credit hour, refer to the back of your transcripts or contact your registrar's office for information on converting these to semester hours.


designation: used interchangeably with "program" to refer to Colleges/Schools of Veterinary Medicine that you selected in the application and to which you will submit your application.

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM): degree you will obtain once you successfully complete a course of study at a College of Veterinary Medicine.


recommendation deadline: last day on which you can submit electronic recommendations to VMCAS (September 16, 2024).


graduate: academic status that indicates graduate-level coursework taken toward a graduate-level degree (e.g., Ph.D., Master of Science, Master of Arts, M.D., D.V.M.).


In-progress: application status that indicates you created your account but did not yet submit it to any VMCAS programs.


Liaison Letters, our Recommender Portal: site where recommenders complete and submit your electronic letters of recommendation. Recommenders are provided with the site URL once you add them in the Recommendations section of your application.


post-baccalaureate: academic status that indicates undergraduate level coursework taken after your first bachelor's degree is earned. If you earned a second bachelor's degree, it is considered post-baccalaureate.

primary institution: school where you received or intend to receive your undergraduate degree. If you do not intend to receive an undergraduate degree, select the school from which you earned the most credits.

program: used interchangeably with "designation" to refer to the Colleges/Schools of Veterinary Medicine that you selected in the application and to which you will submit your application.


Received: application status that indicates you submitted your application to at least one program, but VMCAS has not yet received all materials necessary to begin verification.


supplemental application: additional application required by a College/School of Veterinary Medicine in addition to the VMCAS application. Check each program's individual requirements regarding supplemental applications. Note that there may be additional fees associated which should be paid directly to the program requesting the supplemental application.


transcript request form: document that should be downloaded and sent for each institution you listed in the Colleges Attended section of the application. This form helps VMCAS match your official transcripts to your application. Although this form is not required, VMCAS strongly recommends that you ask each registrar's office to attach this form to your official transcripts. If you cannot use this form, ensure that your transcript contains the word "VMCAS" and your full VMCAS ID is printed on the transcript by the registrar.


undelivered: status that indicates VMCAS staff identified discrepancies or issues in your self-reported coursework and it has been returned to you for edits. Monitor your notifications and email for instructions on how to correct your application. Once an application is undelivered, it must be revised and re-delivered in order to continue processing.


Verified: application status that indicates your application was verified and your VMCAS GPAs were calculated. Once verified, your application is immediately available for your designations/programs to review.

verification: process in which VMCAS staff reviews your coursework to ensure it was entered correctly and consistently.

VMCAS ID: unique ten-digit ID number that identifies your application. Provide this number in all communications with VMCAS Customer Service.

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