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Fee Structure: PostbacCAS

Fee Structure

Application Processing Fee

PostbacCAS uses a two-tier processing fee structure: 

  • $135 for an applicant’s first designation (i.e., program). 
  • $50 for each additional designation.  

As applicants add designations, the total processing fees due are tallied and displayed on the payment page. For example, if Aimee Applicant applies to three programs, her processing fees total $235.

Program Fees

Using PostbacCAS, programs can collect any applicable application fees, which are paid by applicants in addition to the application processing fee. These fees are configured by schools in WebAdMIT’s Configuration Portal on the Program Details page.

Once these fees are configured by schools, they are collected by Liaison upon application submission, then distributed back to schools on a quarterly basis. 

For example, ABC University wants to collect $75 per designation. If Aimee Applicant applies to two programs at ABC University using PostbacCAS, her program fees total $150 ($75 x 2) and her processing fees total $185 ($135 + $50), bringing her total fees due to $335. 

Fee Configuration Options

Schools can choose one of two fee configuration options: 

Configuration Option


Reconciliation & Remittance

Option 1: Application Processing Fee + Program Fee

Both an application processing fee and a program fee are configured. 

As applicants submit their applications, Liaison collects both the application processing fee and the program fee. Program fees are remitted to the school on a quarterly basis. 

Option 2: Application Processing Fee Only (no Program Fee)

An application processing fee is configured, but a program fee is not.

As applicants submit their applications, Liaison collects the application processing fee. No monies are owed to the school.

Fee Waivers 

Processing Fee Waiver Codes

To offset the processing fee, schools can purchase Processing Fee Waiver Codes that can be provided to applicants. These codes are priced at the lower-tier rate of $50 but can be applied to a first designation. If an applicant redeems multiple codes, the first designation fee ($135) is waived before any additional designation fees. 

For example, ABC University purchases one Processing Fee Waiver Code from Liaison for $50 and then provides Aimee Applicant with the code. When she applies the code, she receives a $135 waiver, equal to the fee for her first designation. If she were to apply a second code, she would receive a $50 waiver.

Program Fee Waiver Codes

In addition to purchasing Processing Fee Waiver Codes, schools can buy Program Fee Waiver Codes for any selected amount. For example, in addition to the Processing Fee Waiver Code noted above, ABC University purchases one Program Fee Waiver Code at a cost of $75 (equal to a program fee). When Aimee Applicant applies this code, she receives a $75 waiver. Note that this program fee waiver is added in addition to the processing fee waiver.   

Coupon Codes

To help applicants offset fees, schools can purchase coupons from Liaison. Click here to learn more. 


As noted above, Liaison handles the collection of program fees from applicants and remits fees to the school on a quarterly basis. Liaison provides each school with a calendar-based, quarterly report of applicant activity within 60 days of quarter‐end (see reporting schedule below). Remittance is processed once the school approves the report. 

Reporting Schedule

Calendar Quarter

Report Date

March 31

May 30

June 30

August 29

September 30

November 29

December 31

March 1


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