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Working with Local GPAs

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Creating Local GPAs

Local GPAs allow you to create a customized GPA from all classes in desired subject areas, classifications, and/or academic years. Once a Local GPA is configured, each applicant has a GPA calculated based on their applicable classes.

  1. To create a Local GPA, open the Management panel on the Menu Bar, then click Local GPAs.

  2. Click New Local GPA.

  3. Enter a name and select whether the status is active.

  4. Select the subjects included in the calculation. By default, every applicant’s Local GPA will be calculated using these subjects (from both verified and unverified coursework).

  5. Select the classifications included in the calculation. Note that most completed courses fall into the “Not Applicable” category. This is the default category used when a course does not fall into one of the other categories (i.e. Advanced Placement, Honors, etc.). If building a Local GPA, consider selecting “Not Applicable” in this section.

  6. Select the academic year(s) included in the calculation.

  7. Select the calendar year(s) included in the calculation.

  8. Select whether you are including or ignoring +/- grades.

  9. Select the course inclusion type included in the calculation. For example, you can create a “last 45 credits” GPA calculation, where WebAdMIT starts with the last course an applicant has received a grade and credit for and works backward until it meets the entered numeric value (in this example 45 credits). When doing this, you'll need to select if you'd like to include courses to the closest credit, or include the entire term that contains those credit hours. Selecting “closest credit” will include all credits up to the last course that meets the number of credit hours that you’ve entered. Selecting "closest credit's term" here will cause that entire term to be counted toward the GPA.

  10. Select the programs associated with this Local GPA, then click Submit.

Viewing Local GPAs

Once Local GPAs have been configured, each applicable applicant will have a GPA calculated.

  1. To view Local GPAs, navigate to the GPA Overview panel on the desired Applicant Details Page and click the By Local GPA subpanel.

  2. To review the courses that make up the Local GPA, navigate to the Electronic Transcript and select a Local GPA from the View dropdown.

  3. The resulting view displays a column of checkboxes; checked courses are included in the Local GPA you are viewing. To remove a course from the Local GPA, uncheck the box.

    Note: Unchecking courses to remove them from a Local GPA is a temporary action. Adjustments to the Local GPA setup or updates to an applicant’s coursework will cause Local GPAs to recalculate, and manual course selections to be overwritten.
  4. To restrict the view to only the courses included in the selected Local GPA, click the Hide Unrelated Courses checkbox.

    Local GPAs are also available when working with Lists, Exports, and Scoring.
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