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Adding Manual Designations

Best Practices with Managing Your Applicant Pool

If you're just getting started with managing your applicants, we recommend you review the following information.

Depending on your CAS, you may also have access to these additional features:

Manual Designations in WebAdMIT

Some application services allow admissions users to add additional designations, or programs, to an applicant. This causes WebAdMIT to treat the applicant as if they'd applied to the added program without the applicant needing to return to their application and submit on their side.

This is generally done when the admissions user would like the applicant to be considered for a program other than the one(s) they applied to. Where applicable, this also prevents the applicant from being required to pay an additional application fee. This feature should be used with caution, as adding a manual designation cannot be undone within WebAdMIT.

Adding Manual Designations

To add Manual Designations, an admissions user must have the Designations panel added to their Work Group

  1. Go to the Designations panel on the desired Applicant Details page.
  2. Depending on your CAS, there is an Add Designation button or a green plus sign in the Designation column.

  3. In the window that appears, select the desired designation and click Submit.

  4. The new designation appears with Manual listed as its Application Status.

Note that admissions users with access to the newly added Manual designation, but without access to the applicant-selected designation(s), will only see limited information. The changes for these users include:

  • The applicant appears with the Unverified tag in the Applicant Header.
  • The full application PDF is not available.
  • GPAs are not available.
  • The CAS Updates subpanel under the History panel is not available.
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