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Managing Requirements

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Creating Requirements

WebAdMIT allows you to create a checklist of supplemental requirements for each applicant. Requirements can be tracked on a simple fulfilled/not fulfilled basis.

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Management panel, then click Requirements.

  2. Click New Requirement.

  3. Begin by creating a new Requirement category. Enter a name, select the programs associated with this Requirement, then click Submit.

  4. Click add criterion to add a criterion to the Requirement.

  5. Enter a description for the new criterion, then click Submit. If applicable, enter a due date and indicate if you want to use comments and/or notes. If you choose to use comments, you can create a list of preset comments that the user can select from, and you can select a default value. Selecting a default value causes each applicant to have this value populated automatically. Note that if you later change the default value, it will only affect new applicants.

Once Requirements are configured, they can be worked with for each applicant in the Requirements panel on the Applicant Details Page.

Fulfilling Requirements

Each Applicant Details Page has a Requirements panel. This panel is populated with Requirements that have been configured by a WebAdMIT Administrator.

Once Requirements have been created, anyone with the Modify Applicants' Custom Fields, Local GPAs, Prerequisites, and Requirements permission in their Work Group can mark them as fulfilled for individual applicants.

Use the Force Fulfill dropdown to adjust the Requirement to Yes, No, or N/A.

A set of requirements is considered complete when each associated criterion is marked Yes or N/A.

Fulfilling Requirements in Batch

Requirements can also be fulfilled in batch. List Actions, Search Actions, and Clipboard Actions each contain an Accept Checked Applicants Requirement Criterion option.

Selecting this option brings up a window allowing you to select the desired Requirement criterion and update it as desired.

Note: Remember to check off the associated programs to confirm your change.

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