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Work Groups Guide

Why Use Work Groups?

Work Groups allow you to manage permissions for a group of users instead of separately managing permissions for each individual user. For example, you can establish the permissions for all your reviewers in a single Work Group. 

Work Groups are divided into what a user can do in WebAdMIT for AMCAS (Permission Sets), what a user can see on an applicant’s page in WebAdMIT for AMCAS (Panels and Sub-Panels Enabled for Viewing), and what reports a user can run. Based on what the user’s abilities need to be in WebAdMIT for AMCAS, some or all of these sections may need to be completed.

Note that a WebAdMIT Administrators Work Group is available by default and provides users with full administrative access.


Example Work Groups

Before you review the following examples, learn how to create Work Groups and user accounts.

Each program can configure permissions to meet their needs. Below are two examples of how you can set up a Work Group and how an applicant’s page will appear to members of that Work Group.

Faculty Reviewers/Interviews


For users who will be reviewing applicants and/or conducting interviews. In this example, they don’t need any administrative permissions and only need access to select panels.

Permissions Selected


Panels Selected


Resulting Applicant Details Page


IT Staff


For users who will be working with applicant lists and configuring exports. They only need access to the data that will be exported.

Permissions Selected


Panels Selected


Resulting Applicant Details Page


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