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Searching for Interviews

The Search Interviews function allows you to view all Interviews assigned to you.

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Applicants panel, then click Search Interviews.

  2. You can apply one or more filters to refine the list of search results. Only applicants you have permission to view will appear in your results. To apply filters, click the Show Filters button. 


Sorting Results

Click the Sort Results button to sort your results by name, email address, or ID number.

Applying Search Actions to Selected Applicants

Use the checkboxes in the first column of your search results to select multiple applicants and apply an action.

  • Add Checked Applicants to Clipboard: Add the selected applicants to the clipboard.

  • Assign Checked Applicants: Assign the selected applicants to a specific admission user (you must have at least one Assignment Type set up).

  • Interview Checked Applicants: Create an Interview for the selected applicants (you must have at least one Interview Type set up).

  • Change Checked Applicants' Status: Change the Local Status for the selected applicants.
  • Email Checked Applicants: Send an email to the selected applicants.
  • Update Custom Fields for Checked Applicants: Update the custom fields that were defined for selected applicants.
  • Accept Checked Applicants Requirement Criterion: Select a requirement and update the response to that requirement for the selected applicants (this function appears only if requirements were configured).

  • Enable Applicant Gateway Activities for Checked Applicants: Enable an Applicant Gateway activity for the selected applicants.

Warning: enabling Applicant Gateway Activities is an advanced feature that can’t be undone in batch. Confirm that your search results and selections are accurate before performing the change.

Batch Assign Interviews

The Interview Checked Applicants function allows you to simultaneously assign multiple applicants to an Interview. You can access this function from the Search Interviews and Clipboard pages.


  1. After searching for and selecting applicants, click the Search Action button, then select Interview Checked Applicants.
  2. Select an Interview Type, Date/Time, Location, Interviewer(s), and Designation(s). Then, click Submit. To select multiple interviewers, press and hold down the control key (Command on Mac) while selecting the applicable interviewers.

Note: when batch assigning applicants to an interview, be sure there are enough interview slots to accommodate all applicants. If the batch of applicants outnumbers the available slots, only the available slots will be filled; the remaining applicants will not be assigned. 

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