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Assigning Interviews

Assigning Individual Interviews

  1. To assign an interview to an applicant, go to the applicant's Interviews panel and click New Interview (note that applicants can also use the Applicant Gateway to select an interview date and time.)
  2. Select the Interview type and date/time.
  3. Assign an Interviewer and location and click Submit. To select multiple interviewers, press and hold down the control key (Command on Mac) while selecting the applicable Interviewers. Only the Interviewers available on this date/time are visible in the drop-down list.

You may also assign multiple Interview Types at once to an individual applicant. To do so:

  1.  Go to the desired applicant's Interviews panel and click Schedule Multiple Interviews.
  2. On the Schedule Multiple Interview Types page, select your desired Interviews, Dates & Times, Locations, Interviewers, and applicable Programs. Then click Next.
  3. If you've selected multiple interviewers, a window appears allowing you to designate which of the selected interviewers will handle each interview.

When assigning multiple Interview types using this method, remember:

  • The Interview types listed are all interview types you have access to.
  • The dates, times, and locations displayed are those that exist for all Interview types chosen.
  • You're not required to pick a date/time, interviewer, or location. If desired, you can return to the applicant later to make those selections.
  • The same interviewer cannot be assigned to more than one interview type. This can be edited later, if desired.
  • You can only pick Interview slots that have available seats.

Assigning Interviews in Batch

If you need to dispense several Interviews at once, this can be accomplished through List Actions, Search Actions, and Clipboard Actions. To do this:

  1. Navigate to your desired Search, List, or Clipboard.
  2. Click Search Actions  (or List Actions, or Clipboard Actions where applicable) and select Interview Checked Applicants.
  3. Select which Interview Type you want to assign, and which users you want to assign to complete the Interview. If desired, you can select multiple users. To do so, press and hold down the control key (Command on Mac) while selecting the desired users.  Lastly, select which programs this Interview should apply to, and click Submit.

You can also assign multiple Interview Types at once by selecting Schedule Multiple Interview Types to Checked Applicants.

Then, follow the steps listed above to assign the Interviews as desired. Since Interviews are enabled for applicants based on the program they applied to, an Interview type only displays here if it is available to all of the included applicants. WebAdMIT Administrators may check the Interview settings to confirm what programs each Interview type is enabled for.

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