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In this section, you can enter demographic information about your parent(s) or guardian(s). This includes where they reside, their level of education, current occupation, and role within your household.

Education and Occupation (EO) Indicator

ADEA AADSAS uses the Socioeconomic Status (SES) of your parents or guardians to produce an Education Occupation (EO) indicator score. The EO indicator is derived from your parent/guardian's education and occupation information. Four education levels and two aggregate groups of occupations provide the schema that is used to determine the EO indicator for each parent/guardian.

One of the following EO indicators will be displayed to your programs for each parent/guardian listed on the ADEA AADSAS application:

  • EO-1
  • EO-2
  • EO-3
  • EO-4
  • NC (Not Calculated)

The lowest socioeconomic group is EO-1 and the highest is EO-4.

As shown in the chart below, the occupational categories are aggregated into:

  1. Service, clerical, skilled and unskilled labor
  2. Executive, managerial, and professional

These categories are based on the U.S. Department of Labor Standard Occupational Classification schema.

The educational categories are aggregated into:

  1. Less than a Bachelor's degree
  2. Bachelor's degree
  3. Master's degree
  4. Doctorate/professional degree
  Parental occupation
Service, clerical, skilled, and unskilled labor Executive, managerial, professional position



Parental education level

Doctorate/professional degree EO-3 EO-4
Master's degree EO-3 EO-4
Bachelor's degree EO-2 EO-3
Less than bachelor's degree EO-1 EO-2

The EO indicator is based upon having complete information for each parent. An indicator of NC (not calculated) will display when the parental/guardian occupation is listed as retired, military, homemaker, other, unknown, or not applicable. Additionally, when a parent/guardian is deceased and/or the education/occupation information is not available, NC will be listed as the EO indicator.

The EO indicator is intended to provide additional information on your socioeconomic status that can assist a dental college or school in its holistic admissions review process. It is intended to help schools more accurately identify applicants who may be from a socioeconomically disadvantaged background. The dental schools can use EO scores along with other important factors to identify applicants who have the potential to contribute to their respective institutional goals and core missions.

Add a Parent/Guardian

  1. Click Add a Parent/Guardian.
  2. Select the relationship between you and the parent/guardian.
  3. Enter their first and last names.
  4. Select their gender.
  5. Indicate if they are living or deceased.
  6. Select their occupation.
  7. Select their residency information.
  8. Select their education levels.
  9. Indicate whether this parent/guardian is in your primary household (where you lived during the majority of your life, from birth to age 18).
  10. Click Save and Continue.
  11. Add additional parents/guardians, as needed.
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