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Redirect Applicants

This page is specific to Cal State Apply users at the Chancellors Office.

Finding Applicants Eligible for Redirection

The Redirect Applicants page allows you to quickly find applicants who are eligible to be redirected. In order for applicants to be listed in this page, they must:

  • Have one of the following applicant types,
    • FTF
    • FTFCC
    • ADT
    • UDT
  • Select in the application that they are interested in redirection or have not responded yet to the redirection question,
  • Not already be redirected with a designation in the Redirected application status,
  • Have one of the following Decision Codes for any of their submitted designations, and
    • Deny/Redirect
    • Waitlist Offer
    • Waitlist
  • Not have one of the following Decision Codes for any of their submitted designations,
    • Admit
    • Conditional Admit
    • Intention to Matriculate
    • Matriculation
  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Applicants panel, then click Redirect Applicants.
  2. You can apply one or more filters to refine the list of search results.
  3. Enter your criteria, then click Search. In some drop-downs, you can search by "Any Value" and "None." Note that the following fields match data in the Applicant Details page:
    • Last NameFirst Name, and Cal State Apply ID fields match information in the Applicant Header.
    • Email matches information in the Contact Information panel.
    • Organization, Application StatusDecision Code, Degree Level, Start Term, and Start Year fields match information in the Designation panel, Designations subpanel.
    • Redirect Eligible and Entry status fields match information in the Designation Panel, Applicant Eligibility subpanel.
    • ADT Campus matches information in the Designation Panel, Redirect subpanel.
    • Program Name matches the Program Name field from the Configuration Portal.
  4. Click on your desired applicant's name to view their Applicant Details page.

CSU Redirect screen.png

Redirecting Applicants

To redirect applicants to alternate campuses, you must use the Redirect Applicants page.

  1. From the Redirect Applicants page, use the search filters to locate your desired applicants.
  2. If necessary, use the check boxes to the left of the applicant's name to include or exclude them from your list.
  3. Under Search Actions, click Redirect Checked Applicants to a new Program to redirect them in batch to a new campus.
  4. Select the alternate campus from the Organizations drop-down.
  5. Select the alternate program from the Programs list.
  6. Click Submit.

Redirect Apps Association Prompt.png

Once an applicant is redirected, their new program is listed under the Designations panel with a Redirected application status. The Submitted Date and Completed date match the date the redirect occurred.

Redirect Status.png

The applicant's History panel, Applicant Redirections sub-panel also updates with the date of the redirect and the new program.

Redirect History.png

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