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Add a New Program

Before adding a new program, review your existing programs to see if any are similar enough that you can copy their entire configuration (program data, branding, custom questions, documents, etc.) or just their program data (name, deadline date, degree type, graduate track, etc.). This will save you time in setting up the program.

If you need to create a new program, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Add Program at the bottom of the Organization Details page. 
  2. Enter the program data and click Save

Helpful Tip: review the Edit Program Data section to learn more about certain required and optional data fields.

All program pages from the current cycle will be automatically rolled over to the new cycle and available to edit. There is no need to create new program pages; you can simply edit the page that has been rolled over. See the Edit Program Data section for more information. If you need to copy a program from a previous cycle, visit the Import Your Programs page for more information.

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