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Program Updates

This page applies to all applicants.

Why did I receive the Programs No Longer Valid warning message?

Programs are regularly updated during the cycle to accommodate necessary changes at the specific CSU campus. This includes changes to the types of applicants that can apply to their programs (e.g., freshman, transfer, etc.). Your applicant type is determined by the information you entered in your Extended Profile. If you attempt to submit to a program that is no longer available for your applicant type, then you will receive the Programs No Longer Valid message.

If you receive this message, return to the Add Program page and select a new program. The programs listed within the warning message are automatically removed from your application. Note that programs on the Add Program page may share the same name as the recently removed program.

Keep in mind that if you no longer qualify for a program based on your applicant type:

  • The program, including any questions, documents, recommendation requests, etc., that you completed under Program Materials, will automatically be deleted.
  • The information you completed under the Personal Information, Academic History, and Supporting Information sections is not affected.
  • You will automatically be redirected to the Add Program page if you had only one program selected. You must select a new program to submit your application.

Example of Programs No Longer Valid message

Programs No Longer Valid Error Message

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