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Working With Your Portals

Working With Your Portals
There are several portals you can work with as an administrator in Liaison Outcomes. In this section, you'll learn about these portals and how to configure them.


  • Managing Your Applicant Portal
    The Applicant Portal allows you to design an experience to guide applicants through each stage of the application process and help them complete the things required of them.
  • Managing Your Inquiry Portal
    The Inquiry Portal allows you to design an interface for prospective applicants, advisors, and other contacts to interact with.
  • Working with the Student Portal
    The Student Portal is where applicants go to search, learn more about, and register for your published events.
  • Managing Events
    The Events feature in Liaison Outcomes allows you to create, review, and manage events related to your recruitment, admissions, enrollment, or other processes.
  • Prelaunch Environment Reference Guide
    Learn how to access and work with the prelaunch environment.
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