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Managing Tasks

The Tasks module allows you to create and manage tasks, or actions that need to be completed within the software. You can also relate your Tasks to any of your applications or contact records. For example, you can set a reminder for yourself to follow up with an applicant about a requirement they need to fulfill. Or you can assign one of your colleagues the Task of reaching out to one of your Contacts to confirm an appointment.

Sample Tasks page

Creating Tasks

Tasks can be assigned to any user to help streamline communication and workflows throughout the recruitment and admissions processes. To create a new Task:

  1. Use the Navigation bar to go to the Tasks view.
  2. Click Create Task.

    Creating a Task on the Tasks page
  3. Select your desired Assignee and Due Date. Make yourself the Assignee if you want to set a reminder to complete an action, like getting in touch with one of your Contacts.
  4. To associate the Task with an Application or Contact, click the plus sign under Target, then choose Contact or Application and search for the record that you'd like to link this Task with.
  5. If desired, add or create a Tag to help organize this Task.
  6. Complete the Description area to provide the details of this Task.

    Adding a Task
  7. Click Create.

Working with the Tasks Page

In Outcomes, you can create, organize, assign and track tasks related to your processes.


  1. Use the Tasks Filter to isolate tasks that are assigned to you, open, or complete.
  2. Use the Search Button to search for Tasks by their description.
  3. Click the Filter Button to filter your Tasks based on other things like Assignee, Date Assigned, or Tags.
  4. Click Create Task to create a new Task.
  5. Use the deadline filters to isolate Tasks that are Overdue, Due Today, or Due Soon.
  6. Use the Tasks Grid to sort Tasks by their due date. Tasks with a red due date are overdue, while those with a green due date are marked as complete. You can also use the checkboxes to select Tasks to complete batch actions.

Performing Actions on Tasks

From the Tasks Grid, use the checkboxes to open the Actions Menu.


From here, you can perform any of the following actions for individual or multiple Tasks:

  • Delete: use this to permanently delete the selected Tasks.
  • Mark Complete: use this to set the status of the selected Tasks to Complete.
  • Mark Open: use this to set the status of the selected Tasks to Open.
  • Assign: use this to assign the Tasks to the user of your choice.

Adding Tasks to the Dashboard

To keep track of Tasks assigned to you or other users, Tasks can be added to the Dashboard. You can add a Task chart in list or grid view.

Tasks dashboard

To add a Task chart to your Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard and click Edit Dashboard.
  2. In a new or existing column, click Add Chart.
  3. Select Tasks from the Add Tile window.

    Adding a Task Chart
  4. Select Tasks to add a chart indicating the number of Overdue, Due Today, and Due Soon tasks assigned to you. Or select Grid View to add a list of Tasks.
  5. By default, the Grid view lists Tasks assigned to you, but you can adjust its filter to select another user.
  6. Arrange the Task chart as desired on your Dashboard.

To add a Task chart to the Dashboard for other users, use the Roles section to determine which Report is assigned as the Dashboard for the desired group of users. Then return to the Reports area to edit the Report as described above.

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