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Assigning Applications

In SlideRoom, there are several ways to distribute assignments.

Directly Assigning Applicants

Throughout your Admissions cycle, you can assign applicants to the reviewers of your choice.

To assign an individual applicant:

  1. Navigate to the desired application.
  2. From the Information Pane, click the More Options icon, then Assign Reviewers.

    More options icon to assign reviewers to an application
  3. Select the reviewers of your choice and click ASSIGN TO REVIEWERS.

    List of reviewers and assign reviewers button to save selections
    Checking Notify reviewers about new assignments causes SlideRoom to generate an email to inform reviewers of the assignment. 

    Email of notification to reviewer that applications have been assigned to them

Note that applicants can also be assigned to reviewers in batch.

Assigning Groups of Applicants

If you want to assign groups of applicants simultaneously, there are a few ways of accomplishing this.

Assigning Applicants via Programs

If you'd like to assign an entire program's applicants to a reviewer, you can do this in the Program Settings. This assigns all your the program's existing applicants, and proactively assigns all future applicants.

To assign applicants via programs:

  1. At the top of your Administrator Dashboard, click Programs.
  2. Find the desired program(s) and click each corresponding checkbox.
  3. From the menu at the top of the page, click ASSIGN.

    Assign reviewers via programs using the Program Settings
  4. Select your desired reviewer(s) and click SAVE.

You can also assign applicants when creating a new program. To do this:

  1. Begin creating your program. When you reach the Evaluation section, go to the Reviewers area and click add reviewer.

    Add a reviewer to a program evaluation option
  2. Select the reviewer(s) of your choice and click DONE.
  3. If desired, you can also have SlideRoom send reviewers a notification message whenever you assign a reviewer to this program by clicking Notify reviewers about new assignments.
Assigning Applicants via Saved Views

Saved Views are filters that allow you to capture the applicants who meet a specific set of criteria. Once you have a Saved View, you can assign all the applicants in it to the reviewers of your choice.

To assign applicants via Saved Views:

  1. From the top of the Administrator Dashboard, click Users.
  2. Find the user(s) of your choice and click each corresponding checkbox.
  3. At the top of the page, click ASSIGN, then SAVED VIEWS.

    Assign saved view to a reviewer
  4. Select the Saved View(s) of your choice, then click SAVE.

This can also be done when adding a new reviewer or editing their settings. To do this, click Add View in the Application Access area.

Add a new reviewer or editing their settings by clicking Add View in the Application Access area

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