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Working with Prerequisite GPAs

Video Overview

Creating Prerequisite GPAs

The Prerequisite GPAs feature allows users to create a set of prerequisite courses and match them for each applicant. These Prerequisite GPAs are separate from those created on the Configuration Portal for applicants to interact with.

  1. To create a Prerequisite GPA, open the Management panel on the Menu Bar, then click Prerequisite GPAs.

  2. Click New Prerequisite GPA.

  3. Begin by creating a Prerequisite GPA category. Enter a name, select whether you are including or ignoring +/- grades, select the programs associated with this Prerequisite GPA, and click Submit.

  4. Click add criterion to add a criterion to the GPA.

  5. Enter a description for the new criterion, then click Submit. If applicable, enter values for Minimum GPA and Minimum Credits.

  6. Continue to add criteria as desired.

Working with Prerequisite GPAs

Once Prerequisite GPAs have been created, each applicant can have courses matched to them. Users can also edit the courses an applicant has selected for Prerequisite GPAs built in the Configuration Portal. To view the original, applicant-selected courses, download the full application PDF under the Documents panel.

Prerequisite GPAs are created by a WebAdMIT Administrator, but anyone with the Modify Applicants' Custom Fields, Local GPAs, Prerequisites, and Requirements permission in their Work Group can work with them, matching courses to prerequisites.

  1. To view the Prerequisite GPA calculation for an applicant, navigate to the GPA Overview panel on their Applicant Details Page and click the Prerequisite GPA subpanel.

    Initially, the GPA will be 0.00, as courses need to be matched to the prerequisite in order for a GPA to be calculated.
  2. To review and add courses to specific Prerequisite GPAs, navigate to the Electronic Transcript and select a Prerequisite GPA template from the View dropdown.

  3. The resulting view displays a requirements column. To add a course to a prerequisite, click the Prerequisite GPAs button.

  4. As courses are selected, they are included in the Prerequisite GPA calculation.

Prerequisite GPAs Panel

This panel displays a summary of your prerequisites, whether or not the applicant has completed them, and the applicant's total credits and average GPA used to fulfill the criterion.

Fulfilling Criteria

Prerequisites that are built in WebAdMIT will be matched by admissions users and are not visible to applicants. Prerequisite criteria can be fulfilled in two ways:

  1. Associate the prerequisite with a course from the Electronic Transcript (as described above). When the matched course(s) meets the GPA and Credit thresholds that you have determined (labeled as "Min. GPA" and "Min. Credits" on the Prerequisite GPA panel), the criterion is marked as fulfilled.

    To view the course(s) that is fulfilling a criterion, click the Details link. To view all courses matched to a criterion, click Expand all.

  2. Manually fulfill the criterion. To manually fulfill a criterion, click the Force Fulfill checkbox.

    After establishing Prerequisite GPAs, they become available when working with Lists, Exports, Reports, and Scoring.
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