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Using Custom Fields

Best Practices in Setting Up a Review Process

If you're just getting started with building a review process in WebAdMIT, we recommend that, where applicable, you complete the following steps in the order listed:

  1. Build a checklist of supplemental requirements for each applicant.
  2. Track applicants during each stage of your admissions process.
  3. Store information in Custom Fields that your program needs but is not collected from the applicant in the CAS application.
  4. Upload documents directly to an application in WebAdMIT, whether it's a document the applicant sends you or one that you want to attach to their file.
  5. Create tasks for reviewers through Assignments, where the reviewer can add their comments and scores.
  6. Create and assign Interviews for reviewers, including tracking the date and location of the interview.
  7. Score applicants based on institutional rating policies.
  8. Depending on your CAS, you may also have access to retrieving background checks.

Additionally, explore these resources for best practices when building a review process:

Video Overview


Custom Fields allow you to store information that your program needs but is not collected from the applicant in the CAS application.

Custom Fields are available when working with Lists, Exports, Scoring, and Email Templates as merge fields. You can also use Custom Fields to identify new and updated applicants.

Gaining Access to This Feature

The Custom Fields feature is available under the Management panel and access to this tool is controlled through Work Groups. You must have the:

  • Configure Software permission to create and edit Custom Field templates.
  • Modify Applicants' Custom Fields, Local GPAs, Prerequisites, and Requirements permission to update an applicant's Custom Field.

Creating Custom Fields

Once Custom Fields have been created, they appear in the Custom Fields panel of each Applicant Details page.

Once you save a Custom Field template, you cannot change the Custom Field Type selection, but you can deactivate the template and create a new one, if necessary.

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Management panel, then click Custom Fields.
  2. Click New Custom Field.
  3. Select the programs associated with the Custom Field. You can batch check/uncheck all programs.
    • If desired, select Make this item available for all new programs that are added to WebAdMIT to automatically activate any programs added mid-cycle through the Configuration Portal. You will still need to manually activate any programs that existed before selecting this checkbox.
  4. Enter a label (name).
  5. Select a custom field type, including:
    • Text Value: enter text, such as notes/comments, phone numbers, or identification numbers.
    • Select From List: select an option from a customized drop-down containing multiple options.
    • Date: select a date from a calendar picker.
    • Yes/No Value: select Yes or No from a drop-down, where No is the default value.
    • Numeric: enter numeric values that can be carried out two decimal places.
  6. Enter a description that provides an overview of the type of data to be collected in this field.
  7. Click Submit to save your template or Return to Custom Fields to discard your template.

Custom Field template for a yes/no field

Updating an Applicant's Custom Field

Once Custom Fields have been created, they can be updated for applicants:

  • Individually from the Custom Fields panel on the Applicant Details page.
  • In batch via Lists, Searches, or the Clipboard.

Each Applicant Details page contains a Custom Fields panel that populates with all the Custom Fields that have been created and enabled for the applicant. WebAdMIT keeps track of who made the most recent change to each Custom Field.

Updating a Custom Field Individually

  1. Navigate to the Applicant Details page.
  2. Go to the Custom Fields panel.
  3. Update the field as appropriate. You may need to use the tab key or click off the field to save your change. The row flashes green to indicate a saved change.

Update a text Custom Field and yes/no drop-down Custom Field on an individual applicant page

Updating Custom Fields in Batch

You can run a batch Custom Field update through the:

  • Search features using the Search Actions button.
  • Clipboard feature using the Clipboard Actions button.
  • List Manager using the List Actions button.

You can exclude applicants from your change by unchecking them before initiating a batch update.

Follow the steps below to run a batch Custom Field update through the List Manager; you can follow similar steps for the Search and Clipboard features.

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Applicant Lists panel, then click List Manager.
  2. Click on a list name to run it.
  3. Click List Actions.
  4. Click Update Custom Fields for Checked Applicants.
  5. In the window, select the Custom Field from the drop-down.
  6. Update the field as appropriate.
  7. Select the designation(s) you'd like this change to impact.
  8. Click Submit.

Update a drop-down Custom Field for applicants in batch

Managing Custom Fields

To manage existing Custom Fields, click Custom Fields from the Menu Bar.

Custom Fields Manager with multiple Custom Fields and management functions

Reordering Custom Fields

Use the grip icon to drag and drop the Custom Field into the preferred order.

Editing Custom Fields

Use the pencil icon to edit an existing Custom Field template.

Deactivating Custom Fields

Use the trash icon to deactivate Custom Field templates.

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