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Using Custom Fields

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Creating Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to store information that your program needs but is not collected from the applicant in the CAS application.  

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Management panel, then click Custom Fields.

  2. Click New Custom Field.

  3. Select the Programs associated with the Custom Field, then enter a Label (name).

  4. Select a custom field type and enter a description that provides an overview of the type of data to be collected in this field, then click Submit. Note that you can’t change this selection, but you can deactivate it and create a new one, if necessary. Custom field types include:
    • Text Value: enter text, such as notes/comments, phone numbers, or identification numbers.
    • Select From List: select an option from a customized drop-down containing multiple options.
    • Date: select a date from a pop-up calendar.
    • Yes/No Value: select Yes or No from a drop-down.
    • Numeric: enter numeric values that can be carried out two decimal places.

Once Custom Fields have been created, they appear in the Custom Fields panel of each Applicant Details page.

Entering Data in Custom Fields

Each Applicant Details page contains a Custom Fields panel that populates with all the Custom Fields that have been created and enabled for the applicant. Custom Fields are created by a WebAdMIT Administrator, but anyone with the Modify Applicants' Custom Fields, Local GPAs, Prerequisites, and Requirements permission in their Work Group can enter or edit the data in them. WebAdMIT keeps track of who made the most recent change to each Custom Field.

Custom Fields also become available when working with ListsExportsScoring, and Email Templates as merge fields. You can also use Custom Fields to identify new and updated applicants.

Updating Custom Fields in Batch

Custom Fields can also be worked with in batch. List Actions, Search Actions, and Clipboard Actions each contain an Update Custom Fields for Checked Applicants option.

Update Custom Fields.png

Selecting this option brings up a window allowing you to select the desired Custom Field and enter the applicable data. Remember to select the associated programs to confirm your change.

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