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Managing Exports


Running Exports

To run an export, click the export name.

Reordering Exports

To reorder a list, use the grip icon to drag and drop the list into the preferred order.

Editing Exports

To modify an export, click the pencil icon. Note that only export owners can perform edits. To make a modified version of an export you are not the owner of, use the Copy function.

Copying Existing Exports

To copy an existing export, click the duplicate icon. Copying an export gives the user ownership of the new export. This is useful when a user needs to modify an export they are not the owner of. This also can be used to determine what fields are being used in an export that is not editable.

When a user copies an Export, any field their Work Group does not grant them access to will be redacted in the new version of the Export.

Deleting Exports

To delete an export, click the remove icon. Note that only export owners can delete exports.

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