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Working with WebAdMIT's API Features

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As an admissions user, you may need to integrate the applicant data coming from WebAdMIT for AMCAS with your institution's SIS/ERP system. To make this process easier for you, you can use our WebAdMIT API to automate this data transfer. Visit the Integration Help Center for an overview of the WebAdMIT API and data integration best practices. You can also explore our other API options.

If you're interested in a TargetX-CAS integration, contact a member of your account team for more information.

Gaining Access to This Feature

Access to the WebAdMIT API feature is controlled through Work Groups. You must have the API Access permission to query WebAdMIT for AMCAS using the API. You can access and generate API keys by clicking Account in the Page Header.

Working with WebAdMIT API Features

There are several APIs available. You can access more in-depth documentation about each API at

Applicant Data

Use our Export API to extract applicant data from WebAdMIT for AMCAS for analysis, processing, or other integration with on-campus systems.

Custom Fields

Record arbitrary applicant information programmatically using Custom Fields. Fields such as University ID, University email, etc. can be magically filled in by back-office applications.

Decision Code

Due to the Admissions Action Service rules, the Decision Code API is currently not available for WebAdMIT for AMCAS users.

PDF Manager

Use our PDF Manager API to asynchronously export printable applicant data with ease.

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