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Managing Assignments

Creating Assignments

WebAdMIT for AMCAS allows you to create tasks for reviewers. Assignments appear on a user's dashboard until completed.

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Management panel, then click Assignments.

  2. Click New Assignment Type.
  3. Enter a name, select the associated programs, and indicate if you want to use questions, overall scores, overall comments, and overall remarks.

  4. If adding questions for the reviewer, enter a question name, then indicate if you want to use scores and/or comments with the questions. Additionally, select whether the question is active.
  5. If adding overall scores when using questions:
    • Select Average of Questions to provide an average score for each question, or
    • Select Sum of Questions to provide a sum of all question scores. Select Enter by User to allow the user to enter a score; use this option if you are not using questions or if the overall score is not a direct calculation of the questions.
  6. If adding overall remarks, enter the items that you want to appear in a drop-down list for users.
  7. Enter instructions, then click Submit.

After Assignments are created, they can be assigned in batch from a List or Search, or individually from an Applicant Details Page.

Updating Completed Assignments

  1. To update a completed Assignment, navigate to the Assignment on the Applicant Details Page and click the Date link.

  2. Edit the Assignment, then click Update Results.  
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