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Navigating a Contact Record

The Contacts area is where you can collect and view the data and activities of any people or organizations with whom your institution engages. Review the Managing Contacts section for information on working as an administrator in the Contacts area.

From the Contacts view, click on an individual Contact record to view its details.


  1. Back to Contacts View: click here to return to the Contacts grid.
  2. Back / Next Buttons: click here to move to the previous or next Contact in the list.
  3. Contact Information: options here may include:
    • Summary: use this tab to review important Contact fields. An administrator may select which fields appear here.
    • Properties: use this tab to review, edit, or remove information related to this Contact.
    • Relationships: use this tab to link this Contact to other Contact Types.
    • Activity: use this tab to review the actions that have taken place related to this Contact.
    • Tasks: use this tab to review the Tasks that are associated with this Contact.
  4. Contact Activity Rating: the number shown here indicates how much activity has occurred in relation to this Contact. View the Activity tab for more details.
  5. Applications: this area shows any applications linked to this contact record. Click the Add icon to create a new application by selecting a program and stage to associate it with.
  6. Tags: With Tags, you can place labels on Contacts to help categorize them. Use this area to add or remove Tags.
  7. Files: Attach files to associate with this Contact, or remove existing files.
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