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Configure Documents

In this section, you can ask applicants to upload supplemental documentation, such as:

  • School-specific forms
  • Additional recommendation letters
  • Supplemental application forms
  • Test score reports
  • Licenses

If you choose to require this, be sure to provide specific instructions. If your CAS requests or requires documents in the application, those document types are identified under the Required Documents and Optional Documents headings.

  1. Click the Editor link at the top.
  2. Click the Documents checkbox on the left, then click the Documents link.
  3. In the Applicant Instructions field, add text that prompts applicants to upload the document types, along with relevant instructions. 
  4. Click Request a Document.
  5. Select the applicable document type from the drop-down.
  6. Select the minimum number of documents you require applicants to upload before they can submit to your program.
  7. Select the maximum number of documents that applicants can upload. You cannot collect more than five documents for an individual document type regardless of whether it is required or optional.
  8. Enter document type-specific instructions.
  9. Click Save.

All activated document types are grouped together based on their requirements (i.e., required or optional). Once configured, you can reorder your document types by dragging and dropping. 

Best Practices

When adding instructions to this page, only include instructions that deal with completing the Documents portion of the Program Materials section. Including requirements or information regarding documents collected in other areas of the application (e.g., the letters of reference collected in the core application) may confuse applicants. Broader instructions like these can be added to your branding page. Also, ensure that your instructions are clear and specific.

Applicants cannot submit their application until all of their required documents have been uploaded, so be selective of which documents you decide to make required. Requiring documents that may take greater effort to obtain (e.g., background check documents) can cause delays.

Review this checklist when setting up your program document requirements:

  • Have you selected document types and set the submission guidelines to match your program requirements? For example, if you collect one CV and three cover letters, do you have both document types activated and the maximum submissions allowed correctly established for each type?
  • Have you provided overall and document type-specific instructions, to alert applicants to your requirements?
  • Are your required and optional documents appropriately marked?

Poor Document Instructions (repetitive instructions; no directions for applicants):


Good Document Instructions (clear instructions on upload requirements for each Document type):


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