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Configure Evaluations

In this section, you can select if applicants can add evaluations to their application (also known as Letters of Reference or Recommendation). When applicants add an evaluation, they identify an evaluator and this triggers a request to the evaluator to complete an electronic evaluation. Learn more about the evaluation process in the Applicant Processing Reference Guide.

  1. Click the Editor link at the top.
  2. Click the Evaluations checkbox on the left, then click the Evaluations link.
  3. Add any relevant instructions in the Applicant Instructions field. 
  4. Specify the minimum number of evaluations required (1-10), as well as the maximum number of evaluations accepted (1-10). If you do not require but will allow evaluations, set the minimum required to 0. 
  5. Indicate if the minimum required must be completed for the application to be submitted for review. If you select Yes, applications will not become complete until the minimum number of evaluations are received by applicants’ evaluators. If you select No, applications will become complete once all other materials are received (if applicable), regardless of whether the evaluations are complete. 

    Evaluations Config.png

In addition to the standard Evaluations setting, some CASs have program-configurable Evaluation types. When this is available, programs can select from a library of Evaluation types (e.g., Relationship Questions and Evaluation Ratings) and configure each type individually as seen above.

Evaluation Types.png

Best Practices

When setting up your program's evaluation requirements, remember to clearly state your preferred evaluators (e.g., clinical instructor, faculty member, non-academic individual, etc.). Additionally, because applicants can request an evaluation specifically for your program, you can include any requirements for tailoring the evaluation to your program.

Review this checklist when establishing your evaluation requirements:

  • Do your evaluation requirements match what is listed on your program instructions and website?
  • Have you selected the correct minimum and maximum number of evaluations, according to your program requirements?