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Linking Kira Assessments


In addition to the core CAS application, some institutions use Kira Talent to assess applicants. If you're using a Kira assessment, you can use the Configuration Portal to link your assessment with the CAS application so that when an applicant completes the assessment, it's accessible to you in WebAdMIT. 

Note: this integration is available for select CASs. If your CAS offers this integration, you must have a contract with Kira to use the integration.

When previewing and testing your programs, note that you cannot test a Kira integration in the prelaunch environment.  

Linking Your Kira Assessment

Step 1: Add Applicant Instructions

It's important you add instructions to help your applicants understand the Kira assessment. Consider using the following suggested language: 

Welcome to your Kira assessment. We’re looking forward to meeting you (virtually).

Inside the assessment, you’ll have a chance to register and complete as many practice sessions as you’d like. You’ll then be asked a series of video and/or written questions, given prep time, and a set amount of time to respond to each question. The assessment should only take 30–60 minutes to complete, and can be done on your own time.

You will need access to a desktop or laptop computer with a functioning camera, microphone, and internet connection. If you have any technical questions while completing the assessment, please email

Step 2: Enter Your API Token and Assessment ID

Your API Token allows WebAdMIT to integrate with Kira, while your 6-character Assessment ID uniquely identifies your assessment. Contact Kira Talent to obtain your API Token and Assessment ID.

Step 3: Configure Your Applicant Requirements

The first requirement indicates if you want applicants to complete the Kira assessment via the Program Materials section of the CAS application:

Requirement 1: "Select if applicants can submit your Kira assessment through the Program Materials section."

  • Select Yes if you want all applicants to be invited to complete your assessment when they view the Program Materials section. 
  • Select No if you do not want applicants to be invited to complete your assessment when they view the Program Materials section. This means you’ll need to contact your applicants directly by some other means (e.g., directly from Kira or via email) and invite them to complete the assessment. Note that when you select No, a message displays in the Program Materials section to alert applicants that they do not need to complete anything at this time but that they may be invited to complete an assessment later (if you invite them later and they complete the assessment, you can still access the review link from within WebAdMIT).

If you select Yes for the first requirement, you must specify when the Kira assessment must be completed: 

Requirement 2: "Select if applicants must complete your Kira assessment before they submit their CAS application."

  • Select Yes if you want applicants to submit their Kira assessment before they can submit their CAS application. When you select Yes, an Open Kira Assessment button appears in the Program Materials section.
  • Select No if you want to allow applicants to choose to either voluntarily complete your Kira assessment or opt out. When you select No, applicants see two buttons in the Program Materials section: Open Kira Assessment and I Do Not Want to Complete This Assessment. Note that applicants' decisions are final. If an applicant opts out, you can still invite them to complete an assessment later outside of CAS (if you invite them later and they complete the assessment, you can still access the review link from within WebAdMIT).
The Applicant's Viewpoint 

If  you select Yes for Requirement 1 and Yes for Requirement 2, the applicant sees the following: 

Kira Required for All.png

If  you select Yes for Requirement 1 and No for Requirement 2, the applicant sees the following: 

Kira Assessment Applicant Portal happy path with opt out option.png

If you select No for Requirement 1, the applicant sees the following: 

No Invite for Kira .png

When an applicant completes the assessment, they see the following: 

Completed Kira Assessment.png

Step 4: Click Save to Establish a Webhook

A webhook is a unique data feed that links your Kira assessment to the CAS application. Regardless of how you configure your applicant requirements, once an applicant completes their assessment, you can access the review link in WebAdMIT. Click Save to establish the webhook. 

Accessing Kira Assessments from WebAdMIT

You can access Kira assessment review links from the Video Interview panel in WebAdMIT. 


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